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ITSM Service Modelling

ITSM Service Modelling - Strategy | Model | Design | Integrate & Transform | Support

Service Modelling is the structured process of creating visual or conceptual representations that depict the interrelationships and interactions among various components, processes, applications, and resources within an IT service. The aim is to provide a comprehensive and clear understanding of how these elements collaborate to deliver specific services, enabling organisations to optimise service design, delivery, and management. Service Modelling supports effective decision-making, proactive issue identification, and improved resource allocation, ultimately enhancing the quality and efficiency of IT services in alignment with business goals.

Our Service Modelling practice employs an efficient, structured and standardised approach to identifying and mapping the Service Model data from the catalogue request items through to the technology that drives improved use of the CMDB delivering increased levels of automation and integration.

Implementing a robust data & taxonomy foundation delivers ongoing benefits:

  • Expedited initial-level ticket logging with enhanced data quality
  • Heightened effectiveness in searching for knowledge at the initial level (increasing First-Time Fix rate)
  • Automated ticket routing
  • Enhanced trend reporting for both Incidents and Service Requests
  • Comprehensive insight into IT support capabilities
  • Improved efficiency within Problem Management processes
  • Decreased time and risk associated with Change approvals
  • Facilitation of Service Level Management
  • Swift creation of a Service Catalogue and Request Items
  • Focus on service-oriented reporting
  • Improved integration between the CMDB and operational workflows
  • Diminished administrative overhead in maintaining underlying data and the CMDB
  • Enhanced identification of root-cause technology for IT issues
  • Alignment with the IT Service Lifecycle.

Standard ITSM Service Modelling Products:

  • Service Modelling Framework Policy
  • Service Taxonomy Policy
  • CI Classes and Attributes Definition
  • Service Mapping
  • Advisory on Service Model Framework implementation and operationalisation
  • Service Delivery and Support Catalogue
  • CMDB Data Management Policy
  • Advisory on CMDB governance
  • IT Service Management Process Design
  • ITSM Maturity Roadmap