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Australian Sentinel Philanthropy

Australian Sentinel Philanthropy

The Good Samaritan Aid Society - Grants

Australian Sentinel is a long-term corporate sponsor of A Good Samaritan Aid Society (GSAS).

We are privileged to donate our time and resources to identify, apply and manage grants that benefit GSAS and the comminities they focus on. We are strategically positioned to be well-informed about these grants and to navigate the complexities of the process, having successfully guided corporate clients through the grant lifecycle.

We support GSAS through grants such as Safe Places Inclusion, Community Building Partnership, NSW Women's Week Grants, etc..

Most recently, Sentinel supported GSAS's launch of the SheWill programme. SheWill allows amazing women who have been able to defy all odds and achieve outstanding results by being hardworking, determined and compassionate to share their stories.

Indigenous University Scholarships Programme

Australian Sentinel is proud to have continued the Indigenous University Scholarships Programme since FY2019/20. This ongoing scholarship supports students through their studies, funding their university fees and other learning aids.

Shaye is in her 3rd year scholarship as she looks to complete her degree in 2024. We are currently reviewing and excited to announce the next scholarship recipient soon. Watch this space!

This Scholarship Programme was designed in partnership with The Smith Family and Australian Sentinel is proud to be part of their Business Community Champions community. The programme is an extension of the Smith Family relationship, having supported children and youths for many years through their education.

ASPECT School Classroom Fit-outs

Australian Sentinel sponsored Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) during “Walk for autism” week as a matched giving partner.

The matched giving promotion was an AMAZING success with overall $47K (gross) raised with a total of 243 donations being matched on the sponsored day. That was significantly higher than the next most successful day.

Sentinel chose to have these funds used to fit-out all the classrooms in the Aspect Vern Barnett School in Forestville with new smart displays.

This is part of ongoing support for the Aspect organisation as our founder has voluneteered his time and resources there for over 30 years.

Aspect STEM/Robotics Program

Many of Aspects students on the autism spectrum have a great interest in technology and science, hence STEM activities are part of the schools’ curriculum.

To further develop the program, Australian Sentinel purchased additional equipment including Osmo Coding starter kits for iPads, Intelino Smart Train set, LEGO We Do 2.0 curriculum solution pack as well as Bee-Bot software and class packs.

Australian Sentinel is proud provide ongoing support for the Aspect organisation for decades.

Automatic Donation and Sponsor Matching

Australian Sentinel has a policy to donate and/or sponsor any of our network raising funds for recognised and registered charities. If you think we missed it, please contact us!

We also have a Sponsor Matching program to match 100% and more of the total funds raised by our employees. Our permanent staff are givens days off during the year to volunteer and encouraged to attend the group days organised by our founder, such as gardening days, helping out at special needs school carnivals, etc..

Australian Sentinel is proud to provide ongoing support for our staff and network's personal philanthropy. We hope that our support encourages more.

Trinity Rehab Corporate Sponsorship

Australian Sentinel pledged long-term support to Trinity Rehab - A Good Samaritan Aid Society Initiative!

We were delighted to embark on this long-term partnership, pledging ongoing support to transform the lives of those affected by addiction. Trinity Rehab welcomes people from all works of life and strives to "build the road to recovery" and is dedicated to helping struggling children, families and individuals in Australia, and overseas countries.

Let's show our appreciation for the incredible work Trinity Rehab achieves every day to support people in need.

Visit their website to donate and learn more about their fantastic cause.

Charity Recipients of Significant Contributions

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