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Operations @ Global Investment Bank & Fin Services


Our client, a well known Investment Bank & Financial Services group, were executing an initiative to refresh their Service Management toolsets and processes.


The client had a series of attempts at similar transitions resulting in limited benefit and increasing bespoke customisations and technical debt. The client, suppliers and vendors involved lacked capability and experienc to successfully transform beyond technical change.


Australian Sentinel provided accelerated and practical Service Modelling and toolset governance consultancy to establish a Service Model that underpins the ITSM processes, drives data based automation and assists in identifying and preparing the data and business rules required for a successful toolset implementation. The success of any ITSM toolset initiative relies on collaboration and working actively with an organisation's resources to meet the objectives of delivering the Service Modelling framework.

The Outcome

Implementing a robust data and taxonomy foundation delivered immediate and ongoing benefit. With a focus on the relationship between the Service Management processes and the enabling technology, the key benefits establishing quality data were:

  • Rapid design of a Service Catalogue and Request Items
  • Faster ticket logging at first level while improving quality of data
  • Improves Knowledge searching at first level (increase fix-on-first)
  • Enables auto-routing of tickets
  • Improves trend reporting for Incidents and Service Requests
  • Provide a complete picture of IT support capabilities
  • Improve efficiency of Problem Management
  • Reduced time and risk to approve Changes
  • Enables Service Level Management
  • Service focused reporting
  • Improved integration between the CMDB and operational processes
  • Reduces admin overhead to maintain underlying data and the CMDB
  • Enhances identification of underlying technology at the root cause of IT is aligned to the Service Lifecycle

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