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IT Solutions @ Natures Organics


Natures Organics Pty Ltd is a locally-owned private company, deriving revenue from the provision of consumer goods, including personal care products which have the lowest possible negative impact on the health of our environment. Natures Organics has a conservative sized technical footprint, budget and maturity.

Since 1981, Natures Organics has played a vital role in Australian homes as the nation’s pioneer in environmentally responsible initiatives, manufacturing eco-friendly cleaning products with a range of popular brands including Earth Choice, Australian Pure, and OC Naturals. It creates over 50 million units of high-quality, affordable, and naturally derived products sold through major retailers including Woolworths and Coles each year.


Natures Organics had various IT operational risks and requirements to improve their IT strategy and planning to align to their business vision. This was complicated with changes in key IT personnel.


Natures Organics engaged Australian Sentinel to provide an independent review and assessment of their current state of information technology. This involved performing current state analysis, risk assessment and IT Strategy development as well as facilitating recommendations and action planning. This then flowed into various initiatives, Australian Sentinel assisting with those projects where it was in the best interests of Natures Organics to be involved.

Natures Organics engaged the services of trusted IT partner Australian Sentinel, which identified Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as the ideal solution to meet the company’s needs. The initial deployment leverages Nutanix’s AHV hypervisor, Prism Central centralised management platform, and Files software-defined storage for data management and analytics.


Natures Organics were given thorough visibility of their IT security and risk profile enabling informed investment decisions and the formulation of a multi-year strategy. Several projects were initiated to uplift IT architecture to be more modern, secure, scalable, simplified, durable as well as optimise performance. This included transforming to Hyper Converged Infrastructure powered by Nutanix and HPE as well as process enhancements initiatives around asset management, service management and various IT Strategy planning artefacts.

The company projects IT-related energy consumption to fall 55 per cent, reduced costs of 32 per cent, as well as an 700% per cent improvement in business intelligence reporting capacity and performance, eliminating the complexity that was hindering Plattfuss and the Natures Organics team. The deployment has also had a huge positive impact on critical application management performance and security, eliminating 70 per cent of risks identified by Australian Sentinel in its analysis of the company’s IT infrastructure.

What They Say

"Having them come in as consultants didn’t feel threatening at all, it was quite the opposite - felt empowered. It was a training opportunity" - Alex Plattfuss, Head of Information Technology

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