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Delivery @ Greater River City Light Rail


The Parramatta light rail phase 1 project is in progress and this major construction endeavour to connect Westmead to Carlingford. The Great River City Light Rail (GRCLR) consortium has been awarded the contract to supply and operate the network and build the depot, stops and power systems.


GRCLR are progressing through key delivery phases and require additional capability and capacity to deal with known challenges and demands of the various involved parties, especially in relation to the Information Systems work-packages. This is complicated by potential unknown unknowns including such things like gaps in work package scope, unidentified risks, delayed decisions/actions etc..


The strategic vision is for the Australian Sentinel partnership is to be a trusted advisory for IT and to assist GRCLR to scale as required trough the life of the project. Australian Sentinel was engaged to deliver various IT Systems deliverables and support the team. The immediate objective was to minimise any IT Systems decisions or assumptions causing GRCLR risk through the earlier phases.

The Australian Sentinel Team will work collaboratively with GRCLR and govern many global suppliers to govern, oversee and help deliver the IT scope for years to come.

What they Say

"Australian Sentinel strengths are strategic advisory, governance, consultancy, service management lens, which doesn't have to be IT focused" - Matt Patterson, Head of Business Information Technology

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