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Technology Services @ Australian S/W Provider


A neighbouring software company at Barangaroo International Towers are known for solving some of the most complex business challenges in region.


Our client’s workforce is amazingly aligned on solving complex technical challenges with technology and software. However, in order to deliver solutions to some parts of large enterprise, they recognised the need for capability and capacity in teams that are more aligned to the end-customer's ways of working. The client was unable to source the talent required for this key function.


Australian Sentinel attract and retain niche talent. Our leaders understood our client's requirement and were able to move fast to target the right talent. We sourced high quality candidates and also transferred risk of the individual’s performance with our Service Assurance and Service Guarantee products.


Our client resourced their key program management leader via Australian Sentinel, exceeded 90-day and 180-day success metrics and realised benefits of the wider 2-year business case ahead of projected schedule.

What They Say?

“Can’t thank you more @AustralianSentinel for all your guidance & support in landing my dream job. You guys are simply the best!” - Revanth.

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