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Business Application & Risk Assessment

Background and Challenge

Our client had a large aging, on-premise technology footprint and limited IT capability and capacity to support the business' direction and growth.

Australian Sentinel were engaged as the trusted IT partner to remove cost, reduce risk, lift the security posture and modernise the I&O strategy. The initial engagement was to discover and document an exhaustive view of the business applications portfolio and provide guidance to IT investments for a 2-3 year outlook.


  • Discovery of  IT Operations capability, capacity and processes.
  • Analysis and audit of the application architecture, network, infrastructure, roles and processes, including End of life & non-compliant software & hardware.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Joint risk prioritisation in alignment to business strategy.
  • Multi-year roadmaps and business case development.


In month two, our client had visibility:

  • Business applications portfolio
  • Corporate Risk Register (Information Technology lens)
  • IT Strategy Guiding Principles
  • Business Case Development (inc baseline year one financials)
  • Executive Summary & Recommendations

Australian sentinel's technology agnostic and unbiased recommendations guided executive decisions and directed remediation projects and strategic investments.

[Update 2020] The Year 1 business case benefits were realised per plan. Year 2 business case and IT strategy was able to be largely developed internally with some brief oversight from Australian Sentinel. Australian Sentinel were privileged to have to delivered both tangible medium-term benefit as well as unleashing long-term exponential value via capability maturity.

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